Most of your general lunchbox questions should be answered here.
If you need additional assistance please email our staff.

Attention: Help with Order

HOW Do I Buy A Lunchbox From Your Store?

Depending on which store you want to purchase from,
you have different options.

Vintage Store
Email your best offer for the vintage box you want to:
Someone will reply to your email to inform you on how to
complete your purchase.

New Store
Add the items you'd like to purchase to your shopping cart

and then use checkout.

Custom Store
If you see the "Buy Now" next to the quantity you'd like,
simply click on it and you will be taken to checkout.
Please note that the checkout total INCLUDES shipping
and insurance via UPS. If you require faster shipping or
a custom lunchbox, you will need to contact
us directly., Inc. strives to make your shopping
experience easy. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any


  • Lunchbox Collections
  • All metal lunchboxes from 1950's - 1980's
  • Lunch Kit Displays - Aladdin, KST, Thermos, King Seeley Thermos
  • Lunch Box Ads - Aladdin, KST, Thermos, King Seeley Thermos, Adco Liberty
  • Original Lunchbox Art
  • Any weird or unusual lunchbox related items
  • Errors such as:
    1. Upside down lunchbox art
    2. Double sided fronts or backs
    3. Incorrectly spelled
  • Factory photos of boxes being manufactured
  • Old pictures of kids eating or holding their lunchboxes
  • Catalogues, newsletters, brochures featuring lunchboxes
  • Uncut sheets
  • Color proofs
  • Lunchbox and thermos molds or dies
  • Anything else you have that pertains to lunchboxes in some way


As far as packing is concerned, here's the best way:

  • Place each lunchbox in a seperate plastic bag (like the ones from the grocery store)
  • Put about 2 inches of packing material between each of the boxes (bubble wrap is
    preferred but newspaper or foam peanuts will also work)
  • Lunchboxes should not be stacked more than 2 high in the packing box since the
    weight will crush the one on the bottom. Unless they are packed really well, then you
    can go 3 high max.
  • Ideally, smaller boxes should be used first to fit between 1-4 lunchboxes and then
    the smaller boxes can be placed inside a larger box. (aka. double boxed)

Each box must be placed in seperate plastic bags because any direct contact with

other boxes or newspaper while in transit will dent them or remove color.